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How to Pack For Your Move without Stress

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People are filled with stress by the thought of shifting their house. Relocating to a new location disturbs the entire routine of any family and involves a lot of tasks and activities. People need to change jobs, schools, unsubscribe to local services, find a right removalist and pack all the stuff before moving to a new location.

The most stressful and time taking activity is packing all the stuff. Although it is possible to get it done by a removalist company, some people prefer doing it themselves. It takes time and planning to pack all the stuff to transfer it to a new location. So, let us check some tips on packing for shifting to a new home.

Plan and start early!

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It takes time to pack all the stuff of a family. Many things need packing, and it is not possible to wrap all the stuff at once. You need to plan what to pack first and what to leave for the moving day.  Start planning at least 45 days before the moving day and start packing one month before the move. Therefore, you will have enough time for packing all the stuff, and you can do it without stress.

Items you don’t need

There are many items that families don’t need at their new location such as old clothes, kitchenware and appliances. You can sell or donate the things you don’t want to use at your new location as transferring them will increase the weight and cost of the package. There are many online marketplaces and offline markets where you can sell the old stuff.

Make lists to categorize

Many things need to packing. Therefore, it is best to make a list of all the items and classify all the stuff into categories. For example, you can make a list with different categories like clothing, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and miscellaneous, etc. Creating a list and making categories will enable you to pack the items in separate boxes.

Get the packing essentials!

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You need many things to pack the items like crates, cardboard boxes, tapes, adhesives, hammer, nails, scissors, box cutters, markets, stapler, pins and bubble wraps. You must buy and collect these packing essentials a week before beginning the packing. Make a list of all these things so that you don’t waste time to buy them while packing. It is essential to have all the packing essentials before you start packing the stuff.

Dispose of hazardous materials

It is essential to dispose of dangerous materials and avoid transferring them at your new location. Some things like kerosene, petrol, LPG barrels, etc. are flammable, and chemicals like acids can damage other items while transferring. Such items are dangerous, for humans, and pets. Therefore, it is best to dispose of them. If you need them at your new home, you can repurchase them at the new location.

Pack an essentials box

Every family should pack an essentials box that should contain the items that you need to use for the last few days in your existing home and the first few days in your new home. Pack the daily use items like some cooking essentials, cups, plates, and the toiletries to use in the last few days.

Moreover, you should also pack things like nightwear, bathroom slippers, and some water balls. You can also pack some snacks and packed foods in a separate box. Make sure the foods you pack do not spoil for at least a week. By packing an essentials box, you don’t need to run to the market for these things, immediately after arrival at your new home.

Take care of fragile items

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You need to be careful while packing fragile items like glass, porcelain, kitchenware and LCDs. Pack such items with proper cushioning like bubble sheet and thermocol to avoid the breakage while transferring, loading and unloading.

One room at a time

It is best to pack the items of only one room at a time as trying to pack the things from multiple rooms can create a hodge-podge. You can pack the items of one room or one category on one day. If it is a holiday or weekend, you can do the packing for a room and a small area like a store, kitchen along with it. Handling the stuff of one room at a time will help you to be stress-free during the process of packing.

Get it done by professionals

Some people who don’t have enough time for packing can get it done by the professionals. Sometimes people get a job transfer and need to move within a week or two. Now one or two weeks are not enough for a family to pack the whole stuff themselves. Such families can get the packing don’t by the removalist company as spending a few extra dollars can save their time. It also takes the stress of your mind to do all the things in a week.

Container storage

Sometimes it is not appropriate to transfer your stuff like if you don’t have a new home and need to stay at a friend’s house for a few days. In such cases, you need to store your stuff at a safe place. The container storage Cairns offers services for storage of stuff. You can use the container storage service to store your stuff until you find a new home.

Final words

The above tips for packing can enable you to make your move stress free. Moreover, following these steps will help you to pack your stuff quickly and conveniently. Early planning and categorizing things can make the process faster and convenient.

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