Fascinating Popcorn Packaging to Give Tough Competition to Competitors

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Sharing is caring, but when it comes to popcorn, no one likes sharing their popcorn with others. Popcorn is such an amazing snack that you get attracted towards its aromatic smell. Everyone enjoys a bowl popcorn, while they are binge-watching a series or their favorite movie.

Because movie without popcorns feel incomplete and you do not enjoy the movie. Whenever you go to a cinema, you will notice a long queue for the popcorn, where people are buying different flavors of popcorns.

As it is the most consumed snack, therefore, it also needs proper popcorn packaging, to hold the popcorns and prevent them from getting soggy.

Due to the increased demand for popcorn, brands are facing tough competition and are looking for different ideas to make their popcorn-packaging standout. The consumer no longer wants the same old packaging, they are looking for something new, something amazing and that where the brand needs to work.

A brand needs to fill this expectation gap, to win over customers because the packaging is a company’s first impression on the customer and the only source of communication between the customer and the company.

So in this article, I will be sharing a few packaging ideas with you, that will help you increase your shelf life.

Types of Popcorn Packaging

There are different types of popcorn packaging, which are being used these days from popcorn pouches to buckets and tins, popcorn comes in all types of packaging.

Among the many types of packaging, popcorn packaging boxes are the most famous and widely used. They are disposable boxes and are recyclable; therefore, they are of high quality.

These boxes come with different designs and prints and are light in weight. We have always associated popcorns with the bucket; you will see these in the cinemas and parties. These are made of thick paper and have a huge capacity, and it comes in different sizes. 

Another type is Popcorn tins, which are more long lasting as compared to popcorn packaging boxes; it is not very common but its gaining popularity due to its benefits. Popcorns also come in paper bags, which are the oldest type of packaging, which has gone obsolete, but it is still being used in some parts for small parties, as it is recyclable, disposable and easy to carry.

If you are selling pre-popped popcorns, then you can try using clear plastic popcorn bags to showcase your flavorful popcorns.

This type of packaging is cheap and keeps your overall cost minimum and lets you focus on other important things like working on the quality on your popcorn, so they look irresistible from the packaging.

You can also use seal bags that are a form filled and looks just like a chips bag, which makes it a great hit. They are made of roll stock, but the only problem with this packaging is that you cannot seal it back and they do not remain standing up. Or you can also use standup pouches, that can be sealed back once opened and will stand up on the shelves no matter what, so the customer will be able to see the packaging properly. 

Custom Popcorn Packaging: 

You can purchase popcorn boxes from an online shop or any mart and then you can customize it by adding more designs and colors to it. It is all about creativity and you portray that creativity through your packaging because only a creative mind can survive the fierce competition.

Custom boxes not only protect the popcorn but they also let the customer enjoy the overall experience.

Instead of buying customized packaging, one should opt for making your boxes. It will save not only your cost, but you will be able to execute your idea in a better way. You can add different designs and colors to the boxes according to different themes and events. You can always look for ideas on the internet and can improvise that and turn that into something amazing.

You can add a window to your packaging, can use gable boxes or you can use paper cones to make your popcorn look even more appealing. It is hard to please a customer nowadays, but it is not impossible, all you need is a creative mind and a good execution.  


Everyone loves popcorn and want to buy that crunchy looking snack, being a brand it is your job to gives them a reason, as to why a customer should buy your popcorn instead of others. That is the main challenge for brands.

You can only make a customer bound through your packaging because you cannot change the way they taste, so you can only work on its packaging to make it irresistible.  Therefore, if you want to make your popcorn brand pop, then you have to come up with creative popcorn boxes to increase your customer base.

Also, make sure that your packaging is environmentally friendly and you mention that on your packaging so that customers feel that the company cares about the pollution in the environment. Because today’s customer not just wants food but wants transparency and company’s accountability towards the consumer. So if you want your brand to be on top, then you have work on these things and you will your sales growing in no time.

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