Easy Steps to Clean the Headliner of a Car

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The roof lining of a vehicle refers to the fabric on the underside the ceiling. Also known as the headliner, it gets dirty with time and needs cleaning just like the upholstery and dashboard. However, most people don’t pay much attention to the ceiling of their car while cleaning the interiors.

A car roof lining gets dirty due to the dust, touch of hands, oils, hair, and other debris. It needs cleaning as much as other interior parts of a car. You can clean the headliner of your car at home or get it done by a professional.

Cleaning the headliner can save you money as you will not need to call a professional. You can try these simple methods to clean the roof lining of your car at home.

Removing mild spots

mild spots
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If your headliner is slightly dirty or has mild spots, you can remove them with a microfibre cloth. You need an upholstery cleaner and a microfibre cloth to clean the fabric. Spray the upholstery cleaner on the microfibre cloth and use it to wipe the entire material.

If there are mild spots on some areas of the fabric, spray the cleaner on the sport and wipe them gently with the microfibre cloth. However, if some stains are still visible on the fabric, you need to follow a surface cleaning.

Surface cleaning

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To perform a surface cleaning, you need a soft brush and upholstery cleaner. You should try to get aerosol upholstery cleaner as its foaming is highly effective in removing the trapped dirt inside the fabric.

Spray the upholstery cleaner on the entire surface of the headliner fabric. Do not spray in access and the liquid will start dripping on the interior and seats. Let the liquid settle in the material for the time written on the container.

Then take a soft bristle brush to start cleaning the surface of the fabric. Move the brush to every part of the lining, and pay special attention to the edges and corners. If you miss a section of the lining, it will be visible after drying of the fabric.

After covering the entire surface, let it dry to see the results. In most cases, the method works best to clean the roof lining. However, if there are still some visible spots you need to try the next method using a deep cleaning machine.

Deep Cleaning

If the mild spot removal and surface cleaning do not work for some spots, you need to use the deep cleaning method to clean the headliner. You need a deep cleaning machine and a stain remover to perform a thorough cleaning of the roof lining.

deep clean
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Fill the cleaning machine with water and cleaner liquid. Turn on the machine and wait for a few minutes until the device indicates warming of the solution. Read the instructions on the device to know the ration of water to cleaner and the warming time.

If there is a specific cleaner mentioned to use in the instructions, use the same cleaning solution as using other types may damage the machine. Install the hose and upholstery cleaning adapter to the machine. Use a small adapter so that you can easily clean the corners and edges.

Start cleaning at the corners and edges and move the adapter at a steady pace. Press the trigger after every 2 seconds to spray the cleaning solution as you move along the surface. It is best to run the adapter at a speed of 3 to 4 inches per second.

If you move slower than 3 to 4 inches per second, the solution may enter deep under the surface and wet the adhesive under the fabric. It may remove the glue, and the material can start sagging. Therefore, it is necessary to move at a steady speed to avoid the deep entry of liquid.

Watch the fabric as you move the adapter and press the trigger along the surface. If the material looks over soaked, move a bit faster to apply the right amount of solution. Do not squeeze the trigger continuously so that the liquid does not spread everywhere.

Leave the fabric to dry

Make sure you use the same speed and frequency of spray to clean the entire headliner. Pause for a second on the tough stains and spots. Once you cover the whole surface, leave it to dry completely. If you have parked the car in your home, leave the windows open until it dries.

After the fabric dries thoroughly check for any visible stains and run the palm of your hand to remove the dried lines developed by the strokes of the adapter. If there are no visible stains, you are done with cleaning. If there are stains, reuse the adapter only on the spots or blemishes and let it dry. 

Sagging Headliner

Sometimes the headliner starts declining due to access heat of the ceiling or lack of care and maintenance. If the fabric is sagging from a small area, you can fix it using upholstery glue or sequin pins. However, if it declines from multiple areas, call a professional to fix the same. Residents of Brisbane can search for the mobile car roof lining repairs Brisbane for the restoration of the headliner.

Final words

It is necessary to use the soft bristled brush and a cleaner specially made for cleaning the headliner fabric. Using non recommended cleaners can damage the material. You should use the deep cleaning method only if the surface cleaning does not work. Following the above techniques can help any person to clean the roof lining of their car.

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