This Step by Step Guide Will Help You Declutter Your Home Now

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So if you want to declutter your home, follow this step by step guide.

No matter how big or small, a home is where the heart is. It is the place where we live, work and grow, where our children play and a place of emotional attachment. But every now and then all that living, working and playing leads it to getting cluttered and untidy, making it not a very pleasant environment to live in.

That’s when you need to declutter, which can feel like a task of epic proportions. But with the help of our handy step-by-step guide, it’s perfectly possible to manage the process effectively and efficiently.

Make a plan

Before you start the process of decluttering, you need to come up with a plan. No matter what the size of your property, having an idea of what to do and how to do it always helps.

Firstly, make a plan of all the rooms in your house, then pinpoint the areas you need to focus on, based on which areas require the most and the least cleanup. Once you have all the cluttered areas marked, rank them by severity level and set dates for completion.

Buy storage crates

Deciding what to do with all the stuff that you gather up during the decluttering process, is a tough ask. You will need to have several storage crates ready to clean up all the house so it’s a good idea to buy the crates in different colours.

Devise a sorting method

You can categorise the colours based on your choice or if you have the same colour boxes then you can mark them as ‘keep’ ‘store’ and ‘discard’. Everything that you need goes into the ‘keep’ boxes. The stuff that you can store in the attic or garage goes into the ’store’ box while the rubbish and waste products go into the ‘discard’ boxes.

Put in the hard work

Once you have all the equipment and methodology in place now is the time to start the cleaning process. It is an excellent idea to start with the room that requires the most sorting or is the most crowded and move onto the ones which require less decluttering. This gives you an idea of how many things you need to move and keep, depending on the space in other rooms.

Stuff to get rid of

Collect all the household items that can be recycled or are not in use anymore and put them into the discard box. It may include bottles, plastic bags, toys, clothes and paper. There are many companies who pay you cash if you recycle their products so it’s a good way to make some money as well.

Do a car boot sale or yard sale

Certain items that you cannot recycle can have other usages. You may not need them but some electronic or mechanical products are too good to be thrown away. Gather all such things that are in working condition and organise a garage sale or find out where your nearest car boot sale is taking place. If stuff doesn’t sell everything you can always sell them on sites such as eBay or Facebook marketplace.

Time for storage rooms

After you have gotten rid of all the unnecessary items now you can keep all your usable items and the products from ‘store’ boxes in the attic or the basement. These can be products such as bikes, exercising machines, stuffed toys and books etc. that have no use right now but may come in handy someday later.

If being ruthless is hard, then you can always take the cautious approach and put items you’re not sure whether you can part with, into storage boxes. Some people adopt the rule that if they haven’t then used or needed the item within 6 months of it going into storage crates, then it gets disposed of.

Clean the space

The ‘discard’ and ‘store’ crates have been emptied. Now you have ample free space in the house which needs cleaning. Do the dusting where required, gather all the cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaner, mop, cloth, broom and cleaning products and get cracking.

Redecorate the place

Once the place is clear and cleaned, you now have time to decide what you want to do with the spaces next. Change the setting of the rooms, redecorate the areas that were messy before. Unpack the storage boxes and rearrange items to create a brand new, less cluttered feel for your home.

Organise yourself

Going through the decluttering process again and again isn’t something you want to be doing, so the best way forward is to keep yourself organised. Make sure you do not buy things that won’t have long term use or will take up a lot of space.

Keep your rooms clear as much as possible by making use of clever storage solutions.

And lastly, ask everyone to chip in.

When it comes to cleaning and decluttering, the more the merrier! Ask family members, especially kids, to participate in this activity. Firstly, it saves time when you have more than one person on the job. Secondly, it is a healthy activity and an excuse for spending quality time with your loved ones.

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