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MADONNA’S daughter, Lourdes Leon, simply created her new york fashion week debut

Madonna’s 21-year-old girl, Lourdes Leon, usually keeps an occasional profile from the general public eye, however, she continuously makes an associate exception for brand new House of York Fashion Week. Last year, Leon created a front row look at the Jeremy Scott show and this year, she stunned everybody by striking the runway in a {very} very blue look.

Leon walked the Gypsy Sport runway carrying nothing on high however deficient shell pasties with many seashell-adorned body chains. She conjointly sculptured high-waisted underclothing that peeked out on top of her walk-up tattered jeans that were so distressed, they exposed most of her whiskery legs.

The show solely got a lot of wild and unconventional from there. Models walked down the runway utterly exposed carrying a jacket with nothing beneath, and one male model wore a deficient thong down the runway.

Leon has continuously been an extended soul of showing off her hair, similar to her adept mammy. in a very sweet New Year’s Eve pic, Madonna posed with Leon who had her arms around her mother, exposing her furry armpits that sent the web into a deep divide over the difficulty.


chris evans

Chris Evans, who has become a vocal activist and advocate for liberal causes, slammed Kanye West in a very tweet on Sunday that has since gone viral.

West had taken to Twitter earlier that day to advocate for abolishing the thirteenth change to the us constitution — the one that outlaw slavery in 1865 — before dynamic his mind, stating that he desires it amended instead.

For the primary in his string of tweets, that featured the rapper carrying a “Make America nice Again” hat, West wrote: “We can give jobs for all United Nations agency are free from prisons as we tend to get rid of the thirteenth change. Message sent amorously.” He another that the hat “represents sensible and America turning into a whole once more.”

“There’s nothing additional vexing than debating somebody who doesn’t recognize history, doesn’t scan books, and frames their short-sightedness as a virtue,” Evans wrote in response.

Other celebrities, together with David Cross and Lana Del Rey, conjointly expressed their frustration with West’s comments.

The Twitter rant came once West restated his support for Donald Trump in associate stuffy monologue after working on “Saturday Night Live


emma watson

Potter heads were treated to a reunion image of Tom Felton and Emma Watson because the latter shared an image of the 2, congratulating the previous for his sci-fi YouTube Red series Origin. Now, in an interview with Us Weekly, Felton aforementioned that Watson and he meet typically, however, don’t post photos on social media. “We’re reuniting all the time we tend to simply don’t continuously post it on Instagram.” he was quoted as a spoken language by the publication.

The reunion befell in November, as Tom gave Emma skating lessons. Watson, within the Instagram post dated eight Nov, had additionally intercalary the hashtag.

The pair vie arch rivals throughout the franchise; whereas Emma Watson essayed the role of Hermoine Granger from house Gryffindor, Felton vies Slytherin’s Draco Malfoy.

Origin has been helmed by Resident Evil director Paul WS Anderson and stars another one among Harry Potter’s wizarding world graduate Natalia Tena, similarly as sen Mitsuji, Nora Arnezeder, Nina Wadia, Adelayo Adedayo and Wil Coban. The series premiered on fourteen November


lady gaga

As a lady Gaga gave an emotional acceptance speech at the 2019 Academy Awards on Sunday, she had a star visibly pull for her within the audience.

Gaga took home the Oscar for Best Original Song for her work on A Star Is Born’s signature song, “Shallow” and once thanking co-star Bradley Cooper and her collaborators, she spoke regarding the importance of determination in obtaining her to the large stage.

“If you’re a reception and sitting on your couch observance this without delay, all I’ve got to mention is that this is difficult work,” Gaga aforementioned.

“I have worked onerous for a protracted time, and it’s not regarding winning however it’s about not let go. If you have got a dream, fight for it,” she continued. “There’s a discipline for passion, and it’s not regarding what number times you get rejected otherwise you dip or crushed up, it’s regarding what number times you get up and are brave.”

While Gaga gave her sacred speech, cameras showed singer Jennifer Hudson mouthing “yes, yes.”

The sweet moment quickly went unfold on social media.



As we tend to reportable on Friday evening, Adele has split from her husband, Simon Konecki, once quite seven years (and one child) along.

The split comes as one thing of a surprise, to mention the smallest amount, considering however tight-lipped Adele has been at points within the past regarding her personal life. however, it’s huge news this weekend, and a notably unhappy moment for the now-estranged couple and their son, Angelo, who they welcome to the globe along within 2012.

Now, though, the combine has split — and fans had lots to mention that on social media each Fri night and Sat morning. Among the reactions to Adele’s breakup news, there was quite a little bit of chatter regarding what this may mean for her next album, with fans presumptuous that the sorrow was eventually visiting manufacture plenty.

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