5 Steps How to Make Your Own Travel Portal

With technology, newer and better solutions are being introduced in every field of the world. Be that education, retail or tourism, every field is enjoying technological advancements. Amazing digital solutions have been launched in the tourism industry and one such solution is the travel portal.

A travel portal is one of the most valuable tools for the tourism industry today. It brings all the entities of the tourism industry together to provide the best travel solutions to the people.

travel portal

With a tour booking system, a travel agency can provide the best services to its customers. As the travelers can select the best tour package, choose the right hotel and book the mode of transport while sitting at home without any stress or worries! This tool makes things easier for both the travel agent and travelers!

Any travel agency that wishes to gain a reputation in the tourism industry must have its travel portal so that it can provide unparalleled traveling services to its customers and give them an edge over others. It is a very popular tool which makes bookings seamless and fast, makes managing the tour packages easier and stress-free.

Here is a 5-step guide for the travel agencies who wish to make their own tour booking engine!

Step 1: Define Your Niche and Make a Business Plan

The very first step is to define a niche for your travel portal and for this you need to carry out thorough research. Do not everywhere, give yourself a direction so that you can work on it and excel! Try to look for the trends and see where you can deliver the most. After your niche has been well-defined, it is time to design a business plan. In this business plan make branding and marketing the focus because that is a perfect way to build a strong identity in the digital world. Set a target audience and design a smart branding strategy. 

Step 2: Design a Striking Front and Content Page

The next step after the planning has been done and the niche has been defined, it is best to move ahead and begin designing the travel portal. The front or the landing page has to be impactful. Add some images of the destinations you plan on dealing with. Try to use the most captivating images and you have traveled yourself, try to add your personal shots. Another must-have in a travel portal is a content page. Include an index of all the services being provided to help in saving the time of the travelers or bookers!

Step 3: Prepare Content about Destinations

The third step in making a personalized tour booking system is content about the destinations you plan on dealing in. This content can include a description of the destination, the list of attractions or things that the travelers can do there once they have reached. You can also include the list of top accommodation options and restaurants or any safety precautions or tips that a traveler must be aware of. Anything that you believe might be of help to your customers, must be in your travel portal.

Step 4: Add Discounts and Deals

Discounted deals are a major attraction for travelers. Make sure that you include all the deals that the hotels or other entities are offering. It attracts a lot of potential customers because everybody loves discounts. A separate tab or page can be added, dedicated to the discounts and deals so that the customers can choose deals which suits their requirements perfectly.

Step 5: Add Feedback and Testimonials

The best way to market a business is to let the customers speak for the brand. Therefore, make customer feedback or testimonial section an integral part of the travel portal. This is a must-add in the tour booking system as it attracts a lot of travelers. Add all the good reviews and feedbacks you have received as proof of the quality of the services you provide.

Following this guide will help travel agencies in creating the most impactful tour booking system. A travel agency with such travel portal is bound to impress its customers and will most definitely build a huge network with all the entities of the tourism industry. This is a perfect way to design a tour booking engine that will not only be efficient but will be of great value, OTAs can benefit significantly through it by adding or editing their tour packages, costs and deals to keep their customers updated. Play smartly and provide the customers exactly what they look for in a travel portal.

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